Paternity testing (prenatal)

Prenatal paternity testing is performed by using samples of the unborn child either by chorionic villi, obtained by the CVS procedure (from 10.5 weeks gestation) or amniotic fluid, obtained by amniocentesis (from 14-16 weeks gestation).

An Obstetrician carries out the collection procedures for the unborn baby, and a referral by GP is required.


The cost of prenatal paternity testing is $1,300.  All prenatal testing is an express testing (fast track) service with results available in 2 to 3 working days upon receipt of all samples in our laboratory. We recommend you nominate a Doctor to receive these results.


We request that the mother liaises with the Obstetrician for sampling from the baby. We can make arrangements for sampling from mother and testing father at local doctor or pathology. Alternatively the mother and testing father may be able to have their samples collected by the Obstetrician at the same appointment. 


For reasons of confidentiality and correct interpretation, results are provided through a medical or legal practitioner.

As the results of your testing may be different from what you are expecting, it may be useful to discuss the implications of the results for you and your family with a counsellor before undergoing the testing.

More information

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