The Family Law Act 1975 is the law that governs DNA paternity testing in Australia. The act is very strict in the regulations it sets down for testing.

In summary:

  • Testing laboratories must hold NATA accreditation
  • All parties involved in the testing must give their consent and sign an affidavit - for paternity testing that means father, mother (or guardian) and child (if over 18)
  •  Samples must be collected in a controlled environment by a medical professional
  •  The medical professional must also sign a declararion
  •  A "chain of custody" must be maintained for the samples
  •  Results of the test will be returned to the medical professional who will pass these results on to those on the application for testing

The Regulations are 150 pages long and contain many other guidelines. Some of the those that apply to collection procedures are explained on the Order yout test page. 

Tests that do not comply to the Regulations are inadmissible in Family Court

If you're interested, here is a link to the actual Regulation (PDF - 150p - 553k).