DNALabs is recommended by the Department of Home Affiars to perform DNA testing in order to determine biological relationships for immigration purposes. We have extensive experience in DNA testing for immigration matters - including collections in countries such as SE Asia, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Africa. We liaise with worldwide offices and Doctors to facilitate the offshore DNA sample collections.




What is Immigration DNA testing?

The Department of Home Affairs (formerly Department of Immigration and Citizenship and Department of Border Protection) will at times ask an applicant or sponsor for confirmation of a biological relationship for entry applications to Australia. 

This confirmation may be in the form of a DNA test to confirm maternity, paternity or other relationships. 


DNALabs is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) under the Australian standard for testing ISO/IEC 17025.

Requirements of the Department of Home Affairs or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Our laboratory complies with the DNA testing regulations set out by the Department. This covers areas from the collection and transport of samples to witnessing requirements overseas and reporting of results.

DNALabs liaises internationally to facilitate DNA sample collections and to ensure all processes meet the standards set by the Department.

How do I organise an Immigration DNA test? 

DNA testing for Immigration purposes can be an involved process, and our team is here to assist you with obtaining an appointment for DNA testing.

To begin:

1.  Immigration DNA Testing Application to be completed with copy of letter with DNA Testing offer forwarded to us.

2.  Overseas collection appointment request is made by our laboratory, the panel doctor and a representative from the Australian Consulate General Office / Embassy or High Commission will be present for the appiontment.

3.  DNA collection instructions and forms are sent to any donors here in Australia.

4.  Samples are collected and transport by chain of custody is then organised by our laboratory for testing.

Our laboratory specialises in Immigration DNA testing and are renound for our fast turn around and customer service. Please contact our lab with any enquiry about DNA testing by calling 1300 663 244 or email us at info@dnalabs.com.au.